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Apparel Logo & Art-Work Guidelines

Available Apparel Decoration Methods 


Computerized sewing machines stitch the imprint onto item


Is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate


Pieces of fabrics are sewn into the item to form the imprint. Some embroidery is involved.

Foil Print

Metallic foil resins are applied to the item's surface

Heat Press

A machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period 


Sublimation dyes are printed onto a transfer medium with a specially prepared inkjet printer

Direct to

Is a process of printing on textiles using specialized ink jet technology.

Pad Printing

Using an indirect offset (gravure) printing process that involves an image being transferred from the cliché via a silicone pad onto a substrate

Available Logo Placement

» What are your preferred file types?
It's easier for us to work with vector art files, or high-resolution PDFs (300 dpi or higher). However, we do accept other types of files, .jpeg, .png, but sometimes resolution quality is not the best. Keep in mind that could be an extra charge for artwork or logo improvement.
» What is the difference between vector art file and raster art file?
In a nutshell, vector art is composed of paths while raster art is composed of pixels.


The following file types are ALWAYS raster-based:.jpg | .gif | .png | .tif | .bmp


The following file types are OFTEN | .cdr | .eps | .pdf | .ps | .wmf


You CANNOT take a file and simply change the extension (.jpg, .eps) to convert it from raster to vector.


We prefer vector art with text converted to outlines, but we can work with other file types you might have. Vector files are easy to manipulate, we can resize it on any measurement either make it bigger or smaller, the integrity of the artwork will not deteriorate.

» Where should I send my artwork?
If you place an order online, you can upload your artwork at the end of the checkout process. You can also send artwork, via email, to your assigned Account Representative.
» Is my artwork kept on file?
Yes - we keep your artwork on file to make new projects and reordering quick and easy! We can also make revisions and/or changes to your stored artwork.
» What happens after I place my online order?
After placing your order, you will be asked to upload your artwork or logo. Once we receive your artwork or logo, our art department will create a custom Virtual Art Mockup Proof displaying your artwork or logo on the selected product(s). You will receive your Virtual Art Mockup Proof with your order confirmation via email. In order to begin production, you must approve your order and Virtual Art Mockup Proof. If we have any questions or concerns regarding the order, we will contact you immediately. We will update you throughout the ordering process, and send you a shipping information sheet (including your tracking numbers) when your order is on its way.

Promotional Products & Art-Work Guidelines

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